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Subsidence Made Easy

When you spot that first crack, the first tell-tale sign of the demon that is subsidence, you may feel a twinge of panic setting in. Your home is probably your most expensive asset, the comfortable dwelling that you have invested both time and money into improving. Subsidence doesn’t need to demolish the dreams you had […]

Avoid Cowboy Builders in Kent

Anyone that works in the construction industry in the south east of England will tell you that  like all over the UK, cowboys are a problem for honest builders in Kent.  Various watchdog organisations will receive on average complaints in excess of 100,000 on this subject alone.  A cowboy builder usually has no real skill […]

Getting the Best from Truck Insurance Quotes

As with any insurance the onus is on you, the customer, to ensure that you have provided the correct information when getting a truck insurance quote. The only person that stands to lose if the cover is insufficient or negated by incorrect details is you,  the customer and it could be fatal for your business […]

Ask for a Landlord Insurance Quote today

The best way to find affordable landlord insurance is to search online where you’ll find experienced brokers who have worked in the insurance industry for many years. They can offer you a landlord insurance quote to give you an idea of how much it will cost to protect your property assets. It’s necessary to have […]