Reliable Antiques Shop Insurance

Antiques stores sell an amazing variety of goods from furniture to jewellery, collectible items and rarities, there are always some interesting articles to choose from.  Many of the products for sale come from auctions, estates, yard sales, flea markets as well as individual sellers helping to make antiques shops a profit for the owner, however with so many valuable items on the premises it’s wise to purchase antiques shop insurance online from insurance specialists.  Why not request a quote today, it’s free and will only take a matter of minutes to do when following the online step by step instructions.

General liability insurance

Firstly, take a look at general liability insurance which is ideal for antiques shops.  It’s important for owners to provide a clean organised clutter-free shop to prevent their customers from tripping and falling which may cause them injury that could lead to the proprietor being sued for negligence.  Merchandise should be displayed on sturdy shelves to prevent toppling hazards and there should always be plenty of space for customers to be able to walk around.  General liability insurance will protect you not only from injury and accident claims, but also customers who have said you have sold them defective products, speak to brokers today to learn more about this type of policy.

Employer’s liability insurance

If you employ staff who are employed full-time or on a part-time basis or even members of your family who may work for you on a voluntarily basis, it is mandatory in the UK to have employer’s liability insurance.  Similar to customers, employees could trip or fall while working in your antiques store resulting in a claim against you for lack of care which if you didn’t have employer’s liability insurance cover could cost you a lot of money.  It’s also necessary to have buildings and contents insurance too, if a major disaster was to happen such as fire or flooding your shop could be destroyed, including the antiquess in it.

Protect your business

In addition to antiques shop insurance why not purchase an extra policy such as business interruption insurance.  If your store was unable to open for trade especially through no fault of your own your income would be affected dramatically and the loss of customers may be irreversible, therefore to protect your business even further discuss business interruption insurance with online specialists to cover all eventualities.



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