Plasterers in Maidstone – Find a good company online

If you live in the Maidstone area and need some plastering work done then you should find this article of great use. Finding a good plasterer for your job is essential. A good plasterer is someone who is not only confident in their own abilities but has plenty of experience with different types of plastering jobs. When you are well informed about plastering you can then make a better decision on who you should hire. Below you’ll find tips for doing a successful plastering job as well as the best way to find plasterers in Maidstone, Kent.

Tips for a Successful Plastering Job

Whilst hiring a plasterer is recommended, if you are confident in your own abilities then you might want to take on the job yourself.  If you do decide to go the DIY route then you should follow the rules below to ensure a successful job –

  • Cleanliness –  This is extremely important. Plaster is very difficult to remove once it has set so you should ensure there is a source of water nearby so you can clean regularly whilst working. Once plaster has set on work tools they often become unusable so it’s essential that you make cleanliness a top priority.
  • Use the Right Type of Plaster – This is essential to doing a plastering job properly. The type of plaster you use will depend on the surface it’s being applied to and whether it’s being done indoors or outdoors. When the plastering is being done outside the plaster will be made using a mixture of sand and cement.
  • Allow Enough Time – Allowing enough time is another essential part of doing a good plastering job. If you’re doing a large job then it may take several days to get it completed. It’s important to go for quality rather than trying to get the job done as fast as you can.

Finding a Plasterer in Maidstone

If you live in the Maidstone area of Kent and you’re looking to hire a plasterer for your project then you have a few different options.  Firstly you can look in a business directory such as the Yellow Pages. Many people like this option as it’s quick and easy – allowing you to have your questions answered immediately and find out when the plasterer is available. A downside to this is that it can be easy to be bamboozled and simply go with the first person you find.

An alternative is to look online for plasterers in Maidstone. The advantage to this is that you’ll often be able to get quotes from plasterers via their website. This means you can judge them against each other and make an informed decision without any pressure.

A reputable plasterer is PD Sage based in Maidstone – full details can be found at

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