Cost-effective driver training


Established companies have a fine reputation for providing driver training online with a wide range of driver risk assessment programmes.  Driver training from Automotional is cost-effective and the perfect opportunity for your employees to benefit from various e-learning modules such as:-

• speed awareness

• vehicle checks

• driving laws

• the risks of using mobile phones while driving

Individual driver profiling assessments have proven to be an effective way of identifying driver risks as well as meeting employers’ health and safety requirements which is mandatory by law in the UK.  Online driver training can accurately identify the risks involved regarding drivers who carry out driving duties for their employees. Why not click online to view a video demonstration of what driver training from Automotional involves?

Good value for money

When contacting driver training specialists who provide online driver profiling expect to benefit from:-

  1. an online system for fleet managers to log into so they can view overall risk rating of their personnel
  2. assessment for car, van, HGV, motorbike, minibus and emergency service drivers
  3. the option for drivers to be taken through four stages of assessments which cover attitude, knowledge, concentration and observation, along with hazard perception
  4. objective and impartial online driver training programmes
  5. drivers receiving an immediate risk rating once they’ve been assessed by completing driver profiling questions
  6. a choice of deciding whether you would like to proceed with driver training from Automotional after completing an online assessment form

Online driver training is also available for contract hire companies, fleet management specialists, insurance companies including haulage firms who can reduce the risks of their employees having traffic accidents, as well as cutting down on costs of vehicle repairs.  Of course having staff who have benefited from online driver training programmes will also help to promote the right business image to your customers, including competitors.

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It really is a great option for your staff to take advantage of advanced driving techniques and acquire new driving skills in order to make them feel more confident when out on the road.

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