Affordable Kit Car Insurance for Minibus

Kit cars are certainly different from the mass produced vehicles that are churned out by manufacturers. They are individually built by professional and amateur enthusiasts, many of them being a labour of love. Kit cars are self-assembled often with fibre glass bodies, however if you’re thinking of building your own vehicle it may be wise to read about the building process before hitting brick walls. They can be fun to build with many famous cars being replicated, for example the AC Cobra which was a British built designed sports car produced in the 1960s, a real cool two seater roadster!

Have The Right Insurance

Having the right insurance is just as important as having the right parts to build your kit car. Why not choose parts only kit car insurance, this is designed to provide full cover for the kit car owner as a person as well as making sure physical parts of the car are covered too. Online brokers can offer substantial discounts for parts only kit car insurance, in some cases around thirty per cent, although do take into account that no labour cover is provided within the policy, only the actual parts which you will need to repair yourself.

Ask For A Quote Today

Established brokers can provide you with an instant quote for your kit car and can offer:-

  • Spare parts and accessories cover
  • Windscreen cover
  • Discount for parts only kit car cover
  • Kit car build up cover for loyal customers
  • Generous driving discounts
  • Second car – nil no-claims bonuses not a problem
  • Insurance for drivers aged 21 and upwards

When requesting a quote online with brokers you must:-

  • Be a permanent UK resident
  • Be aged between 21 and 74
  • Have a full UK driving licence for more than 12 months

If you have any concerns about applying for kit car insurance or want to compare minibus insurance speak to a reputable broker directly by telephone where an adviser will be happy to help.

Cover All Possibilities

Once you’ve decided which type of kit car you’re going to build, how you’re going to fund it, you must then consider insuring it against all possibilities, for instance, theft, damage and accidents out on the road. Kit car insurance won’t cost you the earth especially with brokers online who have been providing comprehensive cover to kit car owners for many years.

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