Learn Skid Pan Training With Experienced Instructors

Skid pan training can provide you with all the necessary skills to learn the techniques required to be able to control a skid. This type of course is usually offered in modern, unmodified family cars which are fitted with unique low grip tyres, the courses take place on large tarmac areas specifically designed for skid pan training exercises.

Professional Instructors

Event organisers make sure that anyone who enrols for a skid pan training course with be accompanied by a professional instructor. They have the knowledge and experience to teach you these skills in complete safety at your own pace. The skid control techniques for front and rear wheel drive cars are certainly different. When making a reservation online you need to tell event personnel exactly what make and model of car you normally drive so they can choose an appropriate vehicle for you.

What Training Includes

Learning how to control skids is both fun and very educational, however the course leans towards safety practices too. Check out what the training includes:-

  • A welcome introduction and safety briefing
  • A demonstration of in-car skid control by your instructor
  • Driving sessions on skid pan areas
  • Session on ABS training
  • Individual driving course certificate
  • All driving sessions are one-to-one with a professional instructor in the vehicle

The great news is there’s no standing around, group sizes are usually three people so you won’t have to wait long to be the next person taking the wheel.

Simulated Experience

In addition to the above, there’s a simulated Grand Prix circuit where drivers can see and emulate Formula 1 drivers who negotiate the hair pin bends, swerve to avoid other racing cars and control a vehicle during a skid. This type of simulation is extremely realistic and can provide participants with the actual feel of what it would be like to be in a skid or driving in other hazardous road conditions.


For more information regarding an exciting skid pan training course why not browse newsletters online, they are a great read and can offer an insight into what driving events are like as well as prices, catering facilities including local hotel accommodation. If you’re not too sure where these driving events take place there’s a clear online map, the location is easily accessible by road or train, so make a reservation soon.

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