Subsidence Made Easy

When you spot that first crack, the first tell-tale sign of the demon that is subsidence, you may feel a twinge of panic setting in. Your home is probably your most expensive asset, the comfortable dwelling that you have invested both time and money into improving. Subsidence doesn’t need to demolish the dreams you had for your home, if you speak to the experts early on you can save yourself a lot of trauma and even money.

Subsidence Insurance covers you for all of the effects of subsidence; from having your home assessed to reinforcing your home with underpinning to prevent any further damage.

What causes subsidence?

Subsidence Insurance made easy

Most commonly, subsidence will be brought on by severe dryness of the ground around the area that your home has been built upon. This could be due to a number of causes, in many cases it is a bit of a battle against nature. Our leafy, oxygen supplying friends trees are one of the main culprits of causing subsidence, as large tree roots have a tendency to absorb all the water within their grasp.

The climate can also play a significant role in causing damage to your home in the form of subsidence. Periods where we experience low rainfall can result in subsidence in a similar way to trees removing moisture.

When the ground is too dry, it can often lead to buildings above it to gradually slide downwards. Everybody knows that the key to having a stable building is to have strong foundations, so if the structure of the foundations are compromised, then it will naturally lead to further problems. Even the slightest of movements will lead to clear subsidence indicators such as cracked walls or in lesser cases, window frames sticking.

The most crucial part of obtaining subsidence insurance is to ensure that you have a trustworthy yet reasonably priced company that will help you in your hour of need. The best insurance companies will strike an even balance between providing a great claims service and maintaining affordable premiums. If you are unfortunate enough to need to make a claim for subsidence, you will regret opting for the cheapest deal if it means that your home is not properly taken care of.

Few insurance companies specialise in subsidence insurance and therefore the process of making a claim could be a lot more arduous than it needs to be. By looking to the experts in the subsidence insurance industry, you can put your feet up and leave the hard work to those that know best. If your home is your most valuable asset, make sure that you treat it that way and ensure it is covered by experts who will certainly treat it like the very valuable asset that it is.

Simply fill in your details online today and a team of subsidence specialists will be able to point you in the best direction.

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